Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fhotoshop Philters

The more that I use Photoshop, the more I realize that it is just one big huge complex toy. Honestly, it's like the ultimate video game, except instead of trying to beat Bowser and save the Princess, you are challenged to create some adventure of your own.

Paul Adams would always make fun of the illustrative filter applications in his 210 class. Since then I was afraid to use them. I just thought that they had no real purpose. Boy was I wrong. A little less flattering than the Low Key photo of my friend Brian Francis, however I think it has a lot more punch.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Low Key

For me the hardest thing about being a photographer is finding people to photograph. I would be so much more comfortable photographing a tree stump, land scape, sand dune, sunset, or a hundred other things, but people are the hardest for me. Today in class we talked about the importance of accepting yourself as an artist, and the need for patience in developing your own photographic style and voice.

Today I photographed a friend of mine, Brian Francis. He's another cool kid. Cut from the same cloth as my friends Chad and Chris. Brian was more than willing to help me out. I called him at 8:00am and asked if he could model for me in the middle of the afternoon. He left work early and made the time to be photographed.

The more I look at my portraits the more I feel that I'm starting to fall into a continuing pattern. A lot of the lighting looks classic, simple and out of date. Technically I think I am close to controlling the lighting, however I feel it has no zest.